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Moving loads safely (VVL | VVL-H | ABVL)

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Embark on your journey into the world of lifting operations with our VVL Basic Training. This one-day course serves as a stepping stone for newcomers or a refresher for experienced workers seeking to renew their certification, with a focal point on fundamental lifting equipment. For individuals operating within factory environments, our VVL-H Training offers comprehensive insight into hand-held lifting equipment, empowering you to manoeuvre loads safely and autonomously.


If your responsibilities involve collaborating with crane operators, our ABVL Training will equip you with the expertise to adeptly hook and navigate loads. Moreover, for those honing their skills with an overhead crane, we provide specialised training tailored to your needs.


For professionals in the petrochemical, maritime, and industrial cleaning sectors, complement your VVL-H and ABVL Training with an SOG exam, aligned with SSVV guidelines, to formally validate your competencies.

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During this two-day training we cover:

  • Fundamental principles
  • Legislation (Occupational Health and Safety Act and ISO 12480)
  • Safety regulations
  • Professional techniques (attachments, selection of attachments, securing loads, slings and steel slings, trolley and lifting beam, moving construction parts, moving scaffolding material, special lifting points)
  • Practical preparation (safety rules, selecting materials and resources, transport routes)
  • Execution (communication, docking, placing and moving loads with hand-held lifting equipment within a structure, safety and proficiency



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In this three-day course, we cover:

  • Fundamental principles.
  • Legislation (Occupational Health and Safety Act and ISO 12480).
  • Safety regulations.
  • Professional techniques (various methods of communication, stopping equipment, selection of stopping equipment, slinging loads, lifting strap specifications and steel slings, trolley and lifting beam, moving construction parts, moving scaffolding material, special lifting points, load lifting points, lifting plan formulation and positioning, and guidance).
  • Practical preparation (conducting necessary checks, making appropriate preparations, reviewing safety regulations, selecting materials and resources, determining transport routes).
  • Execution (adhering to lifting plan regulations, safely applying lifting tools and equipment within a structure, controlling load movement using control lines, maintaining clear communication with the (crane) operator and colleagues).


Our Hoist Supervisor and Overhead Crane courses are each conducted over one day, as is the Basic VVL course. The VVL-H SOG training spans two days, while the ABvL SOG training extends to three days.

Upon successful completion of the exams, you will receive a certificate demonstrating your theoretical and practical competency, affirming your ability to work safely. This certificate remains valid for five years and aligns with safety standards stipulated by insurers and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Participants must be at least 18 years old. For the VVL-H and ABvL SOG courses, a valid VCA certificate is a prerequisite.


We provide various training options. The Hoisting Supervisor Basic Training is priced at €325, while the Overhead Crane Training costs €265. The VVL-H SOG training is available for €685, and the ABvL SOG training is priced at €1,400. An additional €50 applies for training conducted in a language other than Dutch. Please note that all prices mentioned exclude 21% VAT.