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VCA full and VCA Basis

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  • VCA-full or VCA-basis both available

  • Theory available in multiple languages

  • Instructors with many years of experience

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This is where it all begins

In high-risk work environments, VCA, renowned for its standards in safety, health, and environment, is indispensable for undertaking tasks. At Peinemann Training Center, we provide comprehensive VCA training catering to both employees and supervisors, ensuring proficient safety practices. Whether in construction, industry, or petrochemicals, VCA certification signifies competency in essential knowledge.


Our experienced instructors are equipped to assist individuals, irrespective of their prior experience or background. Additionally, tailored combination packages for specific industries, including an SOG exam, are available. Should you seek alternatives to VCA, we offer a wide range of other safety training programs.

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The training covers:

  • Health and safety legislation and its legal provisions
  • Hazards, risk assessment, and preventive measures
  • Handling accidents and emergencies
  • Instructions, signage, and procedural guidelines
  • Techniques for picking up, transporting, and storing loads
  • Understanding work equipment and the use of personal protective equipment
  • Fire safety, explosion prevention, and handling hazardous materials
  • Protocols for electrical safety
  • Promoting healthy workplace practices


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The training lasts for a single day, including both VCA-Vol and VCA-Basis. The resulting certificate is personal and remains valid for ten years.


These are our current prices:

  • VCA Training – Basic: €295
  • VCA Training – Full: €300
  • VCA Training – VIL-VCU: €350
  • VCA Training – VC Basic / Full (Exam only): €150
  • VCA Book: €55
  • SOG Combi Complete – VCA Basic or Full, AWP SOG & Forklift SOG: €799
  • VCA Training – e-Learning: €195 (NL – ENG, followed by exam on location)

Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT. Additionally, for languages other than Dutch, there is a surcharge of €50.