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Work safely and confidently at height.

  • Work with machines from the field

  • IPAF approved training center

  • Theory available in various languages

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Know what to do

Working at a height exceeding 2.50 meters is classified as “working at height” under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, entailing inherent risks. Our Working at Height training course enlightens participants on these risks and shares techniques for safe operations to mitigate them. Whether it entails mastering the use of fall harnesses or refining positioning techniques, our course imparts essential knowledge. Furthermore, we offer customisation to align the training with your unique working conditions, ensuring you are thoroughly prepared for safe work at heights.

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The training includes both theoretical and practical components, covering the following subjects:

  • Legislation and regulations governing climbing and working at heights
  • Operational insights into diverse personal fall protection equipment
  • Procedures for inspecting and maintaining fall protection gear
  • Recognition and management of unsafe work scenarios
  • Demonstration of rescue equipment and post-accident protocols
  • Hands-on exercises involving various types of fall protection systems


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The training takes half a day and exclusively includes theoretical instruction. After passing the exam, participants are awarded a personal certificate, valid for three years.


Working at Height Training: €175

For training conducted in a language other than Dutch, there is an additional charge of €50 per session (subject to availability).

Prices exclude 21% VAT.