basic 3-TLX with Flex frame package

This versatile and flexible new tool can also be used in combination with a gun nozzle attachment, flanges and other components. It offers cleaning solutions for heat exchangers in place, in both horizontal and vertical configurations. 

The TLX can be used in different setups. The basic 3-TLX with Flex Frame package is how our default setup. If you're in need of cleaning insitu heat exchangers then check out our other Flex Frame setups.

Check out all the parts that al included with this package

1. Aluminium adapter underneath the TLX to mount on the Flex Frame

2. Mounting Bracket
For mounting on a tube sheet
(Flex Frame not included)

3. Dual slotted 4" rail
Slotted rail with holes to connect two pieces together

4.1 Flex Frame Left/Right

4.2 Flex Frame Up/Down

5. A 3-way remote
Fdw / Rev, Up / Down, Left/ Right

6. Airfilter, Regulator, Lubricator (FRL)

More Flex Frame setups

Are you interested in more different setups then you can view these on the Flex Frame page. Here you can find both horizontal and vertical configurations.