In order to meet the demands of high pressure cleaning contractors, Peinemann developed the Inside Bundle Cleaner. The IBC 5 is one of the fastest cleaning machines in the world today and has been designed to clean a large number of bundles on the cleaning slab, during shutdowns.

Our goal was to design a machine which can be fully operated from inside the cabin by 1 operator, in a very simple and efficient way. From the cabin, the operator can control the up/down/left/right movement with a simple joystick, the rollers can be turned, the outriggers can be operated and the lancebed can be moved forward and backwards ± 60 cm. The lancebed has been created out of 10 meter long T-bars, which give a perfect guide for the lances and at the same time avoid dirt from remaining in the lancebed.

Adjustment of the pitch is done by tightening nuts, which keeps the pitch fixed at all times and because the lance bed and the pitch are not covered, it is very clear to see for the operator if his lances are in the right position. The chains, which drive the lances, are located in a tray with a Teflon liner to avoid damage to the metal and the chain is being tensioned by a tandem construction, which avoids the chain from slapping against the metal.

The length of the lances which move into the tubes can be set by using sensors, to prevent lances from damaging and entering too far. Especially in cases with hairpin bundles, this can be very effective. At the same time, the hydraulic power to move the lances forward can be adjusted, to prevent the lances from breaking in case of a blockage. In case there is a problem with a hose or a lance, they can be replaced in a matter of minutes by removing the guide pieces at the front.

In order to make the machine as safe as possible, we have made 2 standard emergency stops on the machine, 1 inside the cabin and 1 outside at the backside. If you enter with the lances inside a tube, all other hydraulic controls will be blocked. The cabin will lock itself at any height when there is a hydraulic failure during lifting/lowering. The machine has been build according to the latest CE regulations.

Due to the weight of the machine and its speed of the lances, it is a very stable and fast machine which has enough power to clean bundles very fast and therefore cost effective. All controls are located inside the cabin, next to the operator, to create an unobstructed view and comfortable working position.

Technical Specifications
Weight4000 kg
DimensionsL x W x H = 1150 x 220 x 234 cm
Min. height lances70 cm
Max. height lances270 cm
Max horizontal movement of lances167 cm
Min. working height60 cm
Max. working height210 cm
Max. working length950 cm
Lance speed0-2 m/sec
Lance bed lateral movement60 cm
Recommended water pressure1400 bar (20.000 psi)
Recommended flow180 – 200 L / (min)
Outriggers50 cm standard, optional 90 cm
Pitch22 – 45 mm
Forward thrust120 kg/lance (standard), max. 500 kg/lance
Pump (gear)19cc + 8cc
EngineSilent pack HATZ diesel Mod. 2L41C
Cubic capacity1,716cc (2 cylinders)
Horse power33 Hp at 3.000 RPM
L/R travel170 cm
IBC 5 Inside Bundle Cleaner BrochureIBC 5 Inside Bundle Cleaner brochure

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