Scissorlift TLE

The hydraulic driven rigid lance machine is capable of operating 3 or 5 lances. Built on a double scissorlift platform, the machine is capable of cleaning exchanger tubes in place up to 6 meters (20 feet) high. This eliminates the need to build scaffolding and saves time.

The machine is easily transported on a trailer and comes complete with it’s own diesel driven engine. A powerful drive mechanism at the front pulls lances into the exchanger to avoid damage to the lances. The machine is equipped with a 50 foot (15,24 m.) wired remote and a wireless remote controller is optional. The average cleaning speed is 300 - 500 tubes per hour. High pressure water connections are M36x2, or Medium Pressure Autocalve 1” up to 1.500 bar. The system is driven by a Hatz diesel engine type 1D81C/8,6 Kw pump Sauer 11CC.

Technical SpecificationsEUUS
Min. working height0,70 m27.58 inch
Max. working height6,00 m 19.7 ft
Working lengthstandard 6,1 m - 8,1 m20 ft - 26.8 ft
Bundle Ømax. 1,60 mmax. 63.04 inch
Lance speed00 - 0,5 m/sec00 - 19.7 inch/sec
Number of Lances3 or 5 pieces3 or 5 pieces
EngineSilent pack HATZ diesel Mod. ID18CSilent pack HATZ diesel Mod. ID18C
Horse power11 hp at 2.400 Rpm11 hp at 2.400 Rpm
Cooling systemAirAirAir
Hydraulic systemHydraulic pump 11 ccHydraulic pump 11 cc
Weight± 2.400 kg5,291 lbs
Lengthstandard 8.177 mm * - 10.177 mm 26.85 ft - 42.46 inch
Width2.192 mm86.36 inch
* The machine comes equipped with
one extension, 2 meters long, so you can use 10 meter lances.
Scissorlift TLE Brochurescissorlift TLE brochure

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