High Pressure cleaning of heat exchangers has never been this easy and safe !

Our new 1Xs is the result of combining old and proven technology with new features requested by our clients. The goal was to make the 1-Xs both lighter, more versatile and more maintenance free.

Due to the use of carbon and the new track design we have managed to keep the 1-Xs both extremely compact and light weight (7.5 kgs / 16.53 lbs).

The 1-Xs is truly a multifunctional powerhouse which requires lesser maintenance due to the use of special metal alloy tracks as well as using a variety of Atlas Copco air motors. Its compact design will allow you to use it for many types of cleaning configurations for both tubes and pipes.

 A variety of track designs as well as useful accessories are available to maximize the potential of this extremely useful tool.

Technical Specifications EU US
Hose Size (OD) 7 mm - 18,5 mm 7 mm - 18,5 mm
Type of hose possibility (2 types of tracks available)
3/2 - 10/4
(other sizes on request)
3/2 - 10/4
(other sizes on request)
Maximum OD hose coupling 27 mm 27 mm
Maximum capacity 0,38 KW 0,5 HP
Maximum capacity slow motor 1,15 KW 1,5 HP
Minimum air pressure 3,0 bar 3,0 bar
Maximum air pressure 6,3 bar 6,3 bar
Air consumption 180L/min by max RPM
Cleaning speed (approx.) 0,45 m - 0,7 m/sec (adjustable with the air pressure
Cleaning speed (approx.) slow motor 0,14 m - 0,2 m/sec (adjustable with the air pressure
Maximum Pull/Push strength (approx.) 50 kgs / slow motor 100 kgs 110 lbs. / slow motor 220 lbs.
Weight 7,5 kgs 16,53 lbs.
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