Upgrade your tube cleaning to Smart Indexing.

Powered by Terydon Technology

Industry-leading Smart Indexing Technology allows you to automatically navigate hole-to-hole during tube bundle cleaning with a single click of a button.

  • Wireless Control via touch-screen tablet allows safe distance from high pressure water
  • Simple 4-Step Teach Method teaches tube pattern in less than 2 minutes
  • Automatically navigates with a single press of the button, enhancing productivity
  • Eliminates operator error that occurs during manual indexing tube-to-tube
  • Useful in all applications, especially confinded cleans and low-light settings
  • Auto Recollection informs you if you locate over a tube that has already been cleaned
  • Easy configurations in setting to pattern design and number of tubes to move
Flex Frame Rail

Precision sensors are enclosed in a protective aluminum enclosure that secures inside of the Flex Frame Rail, and equips Smart Indexing Technology while adding only 10 lbs. Of additional weight. Industry-leading technology created by Terydon’s software development team results in a system that calibrates the X/Y indexer so that as the indexer ages and wears down in the field, the Smart Indexer continues to accurately navigate hole-to-hole.

Smart Indexer Hub

Smart Indexer Hub’s light-weight design (15 lbs.), offers portability and transport by a single operator. Its “plug and play” approach allows connection of Left/Right/Up/Down in their respective ports for wireless control of the Flex Frame Indexer. Supplied with 2 lithium-ion batteries, the operator will be able to perform with Smart Indexing throughout the entire shift.

There is also a more complete system available called “Lunchbox” which controls all of the functions of the machine making the use of the remote unnecessary.

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