TLX | conversion kit 2

The dual lance setup (2TLX) configuration is designed to clean the larger size tubes such as with evaporators.

The 2TLX helps to accommodate even the larger type flex hoses. Ideally suitable for vertical bundles with large diameter tubes such as evaporators.

1. Hose catcher
Hose catcher set keeps all sizes safely in one easy to use bundle.

2. Rear inlet
For converting the tlx to a
Dual setup machine.

3. Lance block+ pitch adjuster
For mounting on a flex frame.

Dual lance setup

The conversion kit contains the following items

The conversionkit 3tlx to 2tlx

  • Track for DN12 - 3/4” & 10/2 - 10/4
  • Undriven cartridge
  • Pitch adjuster
  • Lance block with 2 guide tubes 1" 1200mm
  • Front hose guide
  • Rear inlet


  • Hose catcher 2TLX 10/2 - 10/4
  • End stop

Lance block with 2 x 1" guide tubes and pitch adjuster

ReaR inlet

Undriven cartridge


End stop

Available in 10/2 - 10/4.
This accessory is optional.

Hose catcher

10/2 and 10/4.
This accessory is optional.