TLX | Conversion kit 5

The Quintuple lance setup (5TLX conversion) is created to accommodate the cleaning of larger, often in-situ, bundles with many tubes. Even though the tracks are limited to 5/2 hose sizes it can be used for the most common tubes encountered.


1. Hose catcher set
Hose catcher set keeps all
Sizes safely in one easy to use bundle.

2. Rear inlet
For converting the tlx to a
Quintuple setup machine.

3. Lance block
Lance block with 5 1/2” guide

A quintuple lance setup

The conversion kit contains the following items

The conversion kit 3TLX to 5TLX

  • Lance block with 5 1/2" guide pipes
  • Track
  • Undriven cartridge
  • Pitch adjuster
  • Front hose guide + lance block
  • Rear inlet


  • End stops
  • Hose catcher Rolodex - 3/2, 4/2, 5/2 or 4/4


Undriven cartridge

Lance block, guide tubes and pitch adjuster

Pitch adjust for 1/2" guide tubes

Rear inlet

End stops

This part is optional

Hose catcher rolodex

3/2, 4/2, 5/2, 4/4. This part is optional.