Furnace Tube Extractor

The standard hydraulic furnace tube extractor is designed for pulling / installing tubes up to 12 meters in length. There is also an optional 24.790 meter version available.

The main advantages of this equipment are:

  • labour saving (one operator + assistant can do the job)
  • no scaffolding is required in front of the furnace (except a small working platform for the operators)
  • fast and safe operation by complete control of the operation
Technical Specifications
Weight of extractor (12m) - unloaded4.100 kg / 9,039 lbs
Weight of extractor (24m) - unloaded7.700 kg / 16,975 lbs
Height in operational position2.370 mm / 7.78 ft
Width of extractor1.630 mm / 5.35 ft
Length of extractor24.790 mm / 81.33 ft
Maximum tube length24.790 mm / 81.33 ft
Maximum tube diameter250 mm / 9.84 inches
Maximum force applied with chain6.000 kg / 13,227 lbs

Furnace Tube ExtractorFurnace Tube Extractor

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