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The Straddle Carrier is a carrying vehicle that carries the bundle underneath by "straddling" it, rather than carrying it on top like a conventional truck. The advantage of the straddle carrier is its ability to load and unload without the assistance of cranes or forklifts. The lifting apparatus under the carrier is operated by the driver without any outside assistance and without leaving the driver's seat.

It's suitable for transporting max. 25T bundles on pallets with a diameter up to 1,8 mtr.  For improved transport the entire cabin is adjustable in height and the driver’s seat is air suspended. The Straddle carrier is equipped with a mechanical suspension and has 4 wheel, mechanical, steering. The wheels are propelled through hydraulic power. The lift and ‘arm’ cylinders are manually controlled through balancing valves. 

The Straddle carrier comes with CE certification including all required documentation. Both air-conditioning or centralized greasing system are optionals and do not come as standard.

Clearance underneath the pallet per Bundle diameter:

Bundle diameter (mm)Clearance (mm)
Ø500 530
Ø600 530
Ø700 530

Technical specifications
Measurements (approx.)
Weight of Straddle Carrier – unloaded15000 kg
Height4600 mm
Height (transportation)3800 mm
Width3000 mm
Length6000 mm
Wheelbase5000 mm
Max. slope loaded5%
Max. slope unloaded12%
Max. speed8-10 km p/hour
Weight capacity25000 kg
Diesel engine for Europe (until 2017)
EnginePerkins diesel Mod. 1204E-E44TA
Number of cylinders4
Cubic Capacity4400 cc
Power129,4 kW @ 2200 rpm
Cooling systemwater
Emission standardStage 3B
Diesel engine outside Europe (excl. USA)
EnginePerkins diesel Mod. 1106D-E70TA
Number of cylinders
Cubic Capacity7010 cc
Power129,5 kW @ 2200 rpm
Cooling systemwater
Emission standardStage 3A
Diesel engine for USA

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