Truck Mounted Bundle ExtractoR

The truck mounted bundle extractor was developed to remove, replace and transport bundles without the use of a crane. This extractor can reach horizontal bundles at elevations from 0.5m (1.6ft) to 6.92m (22.4ft). Maximum bundle weight capacity is 20 tons (44,000 lbs).

Due to its patented design, this machine can be used to transport bundles to and from the cleaning slab as well. These features make the Truck Mounted Bundle Extractor desirable to plants and refineries worldwide.

Eliminating the need to use a crane inside the unit to load/offload the bundles greatly reduces cost and downtime. Since the bundle is handled less there is reduced risk of bundle damage. Being road legal and self contained, the Truck Mounted Bundle Extractor is a versatile and efficient tool. Exchangers residing beneath pipe rack or other structure are easily accessed with this extractor.

Once the extractor is positioned and the butt plates are against the shell flange, the winch can exert 50,000 kg (110,000 lbs) of force to extract the most resistant bundle. After the initial break, the winch car will be hooked to the tube sheet. Next the bundle is extracted in one continuous stroke. Once the bundle is resting on the truck, it can be transported to the cleaning slab.

The standard truck is a type 6x4 with the following details:

    •  3 axles
    • 400 HP engine (approx.)
    • 2 front stabilizer legs, fixed
    • 2 rear stabilizing legs, extendable
    • ABS-braking system
    • Technical capacity of 2 rear axles: 36 ton / 7.94 lbs
    • Cabin with air conditioning
    • Chassis beams with full inner liner
    • Full bearing slewing ring for rotation of tower
    • Fixed lights at the back of the truck


  • 4 outriggers (2 fixed behind the cabin and 2 cylinders at the end of the truck)
  • Hydraulic oil tank
  • PT0 with hydraulic pump
  • Stainless steel storage bins
  • Spare tire fixed under the deck
  • Aluminium deck with hatch to have easy access to the hydraulic pump
  • Hydraulic axle lock system.

In our design it is possible to extract bundles from both sides of the truck, creating large operational advantages. The winch is standard equipped with a side shift mechanism on both sides. The winch is equipped with 2 hydraulic motors to change from slow speed / high power to fast speed / low power.

We have increased the max. bundle weight to 20T, even at maximum height and for transportation.

Technical specifications
Minimum working height0,5 m / 19.7 inch
Maximum working height6,8 m / 22.3 ft
Maximum pulling force50.000 kg / 110,000 lbs
Winch pulling speed2.600 mm/min  |  10.24 inch/min
Truck Mounted Bundle ExtractorTruck Mounted Bundle Extractor

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