Lifter for airfin bank electric motors.

Until this day, no safe method had been developed for the safe exchange of airfin bank electric motors. Peinemann Equipment however, has now developed a lifter that can indeed do this in a safe way.

Current situation

The electric motor hangs under the airfin bank, and there are practically no lifting facilities available to allow it to be exchanged safely. Because this work cannot be carried out using cranes or forklifts either, a chain hoist is usually attached to a structural part not intended for this, or to the airfin bank itself. This is very risky though, because the structure is not intended for it.

Lifting system

The hydraulic ram that causes the lifting system to reach the desired height is controlled manually using a hydraulic pump. The lifting system can be telescoped out in three sections using steel cables, among other things. This was opted for in order to make the lifter’s own weight as low as possible. The lifter features all safety facilities that are necessary to allow it to be worked with safely. These safety features include a double set of steel cables, hose failure protection, and a two-way valve, that also ensures that the lifting mechanism can be forced down.

Lifting and transport facilities

The lifter further possesses three lifting eyes for placing the machine on a walkway or working platform on site using a crane. The lifter is also provided with two forklift pockets to allow the machine to be shifted easily. The lifter has been tested and is provided with a TÜV test certificate. Once the electric motor is placed on the lifter, the lifter can only be shifted if it is in its lowest position. The lifter may not be rolled away with the electric motor on board at any other height.


The lifter that Peinemann Equipment has now developed is intended to do its work from walkway and/or working platforms. Because only a low loading may be imposed on the walkway platforms, the lifter is made of aluminium. From the walkway platform, the lifter can exchange motors up to a weight of 350kg and with a maximum height of 2.42 metres from the bottom of the motor.

Ease of use

The lifter has been primarily developed for safe working, ease of use and manoeuvrability. The lifter therefore has two castors – equipped with brake mechanism – at the front and rear and two fixed wheels in the middle. Also, the working width is very small so it can do its work on almost all walkway and work platforms.


With sufficient room, the lifter’s stability can be increased still further using two side supports, for example on a work platform. The permitted loading per square metre for walk- way and/or work platforms is 500 kg.


  • The lifter is patented.
  • There is a comprehensive manual featuring exploded views.
  • The lifter is CE-marked.

Technical SpecificationsEUUS
Weight130 kg
297.62 Lbs.
Working height2.57 metres8' 5''
Lifting capacity350 kg771.61 Lbs.

Motor Lifter brochurepnbrochuremotorlifter.pdf
Motor Lifter removing an electrical motor
Motor Lifter removing a burner
Motor Lifter Installing registers
Motor lifter removing registers