Lifter for airfin bank electric motors.

The Multilift 533 is the new version of our Motorlifter. It is best described as a manually driven transport device used to move individual loads. In addition, the lifter features a hoisting system allowing the load to be moved vertically with the aid of a hand pump.

Current situation

The existing Motorlifter was developed principally to use along walkways and/or work platforms for the purpose of replacing electric motors, but the new version, the Multilift, has been updated with increased load capacity as well as greater lifting height and versatility.

Thanks to a number of special features, the Multilift can be widely used as a piece of handling equipment that is defined by its safe operation, user-friendliness and manoeuvrability. 

The lightweight aluminium construction in conjunction with the ingenious design gives this lifter a maximum load capacity of 500 kg and the ability to reach heights of up to 2.95 m.


Besides the fixed castors the Multilift rests on the rear castor and the swing arm castors at the front. The load’s centre of gravity is never in front of the support wheels as it always remains within the wheelbase, which means its stability is guaranteed.

Lifting system

Thanks to the three mast sections in conjunction with the lifting cylinders and the application of steel cables, the lifting system has a triple telescopic action. The required lifting height is reached by operating the hydraulic hand pump.

First of all, the apron cylinder extends the apron and load handler, together with any load, to the end of its stroke, then the mast cylinders extend the centre mast section. The inner mast section is also extended but this is done by the cable/pulley system.

Hydraulic lifting system

The hand pump is used to pump the required amount of oil from the reservoir through the pipelines and hoses to the lifting cylinders. The lifting cylinders each have a separate function and are double-acting. This means that hydraulic oil is needed to drive both the extension and retraction of the mast. In addition, both the rod and lower side of the cylinders are connected to each other. Differential switching ensures that when the cylinder is extended, both of its compartments remain connected to one another.

Load apron

The load apron is raised and lowered along the mast with the aid of guided rollers, the lifting cable and the lifting cylinder.  Thanks in part to the pulley system there is a free lift height of one metre and a minimum platform height of 140 mm measured from the floor to the top of the platform.  

The lifting platform supplied as standard can easily be replaced with other load handlers, such as a slewing ring, forks, hook loader, rotary, drum clamp etc. This ability to swap attachments means “abnormal loads” can easily be picked up and moved. 

Technical SpecificationsEUUS
Weightapprox. 150 kg330.69 Lbs.
Working heightapprox. 2.95 metres9' 35"
Lifting capacity500 kg1102.31 Lbs.