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Electric forklifts

The best electric forklifts for your organization.

  • Rent or purchase

  • Wide range of lifting capacities, from 1 to 20 tons

  • Various types of batteries and chargers possible

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Our 100% electric forklifts  quickly at your location

In terms of performance, modern electric forklifts with AC three-phase technology are no longer inferior to forklifts with a combustion engine. The LI-Ion battery and/or conventional exchange battery ensure that your company can also rely on the electric forklift for long-duration and heavy jobs.

Our range includes various types of batteries and associated chargers. You can also (if desired) use our battery management system. That means full outsourcing, accompanied by monthly reporting and advice.

We supply various electrically powered forklifts and work brand independent. This gives us access to multiple manufacturers and is the best choice for every in-house application. Below is a selection of the possibilities for the sale and rental of electric forklift trucks:

Electric forklifts


Capacity Version
1,600-2,000 kg 3-wheel
2,000-16,000 kg 4-wheel


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A shortage of skilled workers, rising costs of building materials and stricter regulations regarding sustainability: logistical challenges within construction, industry, port and warehousing are a daily occurrence. We are happy to think along with you on how you can solve your logistical challenge. We are your logistics service partner.

We have our own technical advice team that provides you with tailor-made advice. Ranging from engineering challenges to setting up complete lifting plans. But you can also about making logistics processes more sustainable or starting with the electrification of equipment.