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Guaranteeing safety at automated container terminal

“Safety for our people is always a top priority. We cannot run a successful operation without them,” emphasised Jeroen van Esch, Chief Operations Officer at Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG). Situated on Maasvlakte 2 in Rotterdam, RWG stands as an ultramodern container terminal providing round-the-clock container handling services. Its advanced automation not only sets RWG apart but also ensures a secure operational environment. Notably, the remote control system oversees the operation of the quay cranes, a perfect example of RWG’s commitment to safety.

Highest safety standards at Rotterdam World Gateway

Ensuring smooth operations requires equipment to perform reliably and be operated correctly. “To achieve this, regular maintenance and skilled personnel are indispensable,” emphasises Jeroen. That’s why RWG has partnered with Peinemann. Jeroen elaborates: “Peinemann’s expertise lies in their understanding of our strict safety standards, mastered through their experience in the petrochemical sector.”


“At RWG, our safety ethos is ingrained in our culture. Every employee is committed and shares a collective responsibility for upholding our high standards. It’s not just about compliance, it’s about a deep understanding and care for oneself and others. It’s become so ingrained that occasionally, you’ll spot someone entering the cafeteria still wearing their helmet. It never fails to bring a smile.”


RWG manages several services in-house, including planning and malfunction services, while outsourcing other responsibilities, such as maintenance. “We could handle it internally, but mutual interdependence keeps us vigilant and ensures the very best quality,” explains Jeroen. “This approach grants us flexibility in scaling operations and benefits from Peinemann’s specialised knowledge of RWG’s equipment.”


“The complete package from Peinemann is of interest to us. Ultimately, it’s about reliability and loyalty. Their values fit perfectly with RWG’s, and their employees share the same dedication and responsibility as our own. That is truly not the case everywhere,” Jeroen notes. “The people at Peinemann understand that from their own family culture. It’s about taking care of each other and remaining loyal.”

"The complete package from Peinemann is of interest to us. The employees of Peinemann feel just as responsible and dedicated to RWG as our own employees. That is truly not the case everywhere."

Jeroen van Esch

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