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Aerial work systems

We lift you up with 25 years of experience in complex aerial work.

  • From mobile scaffolding to truck-mounted platforms up to 100m

  • Brand-independent, so always the right machine for the job

  • Rental from one day to several years is possible

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We help you with any type of aerial work platforms 

We don’t shy away from working at great heights. We have been specialists in complex aerial work for 25 years. We sell and rent various models of aerial work platforms, telehandlers, rough terrain forklifts, mobile scaffolding and suspension bridges. You can also contact us for ladders, stairs, safety equipment, light aerial platforms or aerial platforms with continuous tracks.

We know from experience that the choice of an aerial platform depends on several factors. Such as working height, lifting capacity, permissible ground pressure and other terrain conditions. Are you working in the (petro)chemical industry, where specific requirements apply? Or do you have to take into account a surface that is difficult to access or has little bearing capacity? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Our solutions

From renting one forklift to moving an entire factory.

Our projects

Be inspired by the impressive projects we have been able to service.

Aerial work platforms 

Type Working Height (m) Outreach (m) Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) Specs
157 TDJ 15,72 11,18 227 7.005 peinemann-type-157-tdj—v4—p20.pdf
157 TDJ HC 15,56 11,02 300-454 7.394 peinemann-specsheet-157-tdj-hc-1597932373.pdf
216 TDJ 21,81 17,10 227 10.449 peinemann-type-216-tdj—v4—p21.pdf
216 TDJ HC 21,81 16,51 300-454 11.412 peinemann-specsheet-216-tdj-hc-1597932386.pdf
230 TDJ 23,00 17,80 250 14.700 peinemann-type-230-tdj—v4—p23.pdf
277 TDJ 27,90 23,32 227 17.236 peinemann-type-277-tdj—v4—p24.pdf
277 TDJ HC 27,75 21,45 240-350 16.500 peinemann-type-277-tdj—v4—p25.pdf
385 TDJZ HC 38,73 23,51 230-450 18.500 peinemann-type-385-tdjz—v4—p26.pdf
400 TDJ 40,15 24,38 227 20.248 peinemann-type-400-tdj—v4—p27.pdf
430 TDJ HC 43,15 27,43 300-454 21.546 peinemann-type-430-tdj—v4—p28.pdf
480 TDJ HC 48,33 24,38 340 22.657 peinemann-type-480-tdj—v4—p29.pdf
570 TDJ HC 56,86 24,38 340 24.948 peinemann-type-570-tdj—v4—p30.pdf