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High standards for health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) are essential to our success.

High standards for HSEQ

By maintaining a high standard, we aim to meet our customers’ expectations and create a safe, healthy work environment. We continuously work to reduce the number of accidents and incidents and to limit the risks for personnel, the environment and equipment.

Safety is a way of life

We expect our employees to take responsibility for their own safety and for the safety of their colleagues. A proactive attitude in creating a safe working environment is important to us. Safety awareness must also extend beyond the workplace, and is also important in the private sphere. For example, when doing odd jobs, driving a car or playing sports.

Safety culture

We encourage a proactive safety culture in which everyone is responsible for their own safety and that of others. A safety culture baseline measurement was carried out in 2017. The results of this research were included in a Safety Leadership training in 2018. The program encourages openness about safety as part of our proactive culture. A culture in which employees do not shy away from confronting each other or reporting accidents. In this way we can learn from each other’s experiences.

Sustainable business

Our family business has been involved in sustainable operations for generations in order to invest in people and the environment in the long term. Read more about our sustainability policy.

Safety innovations

• Digital Safety Passport (DSP).

The Digital Safety Passport that we use has been developed as a personal, digital information carrier. Thanks to the DSP, there is no more hassle with unclear stamps, copies or surprises at the gate due to expired instructions. Training and safety instructions are maintained almost completely automatically and the validity of all instructions is monitored.

• Capptions – Veiligheids App.

We recently started a pilot to report incidents and inspections via this App. With this we promote, among other things, a positive reporting culture. Reports go directly to the HSEQ department for a thorough evaluation. This is intended to enable us to learn from the incident and to prevent a recurrence of an unsafe situation in the future.

Standard and certificates

The Peinemann Management System provides a framework for managing the company’s activities and the associated risks. It describes business processes and is essential for maintaining the quality of our work. All Peinemann entities fall under this integrated management system, which includes our concern for quality, health, safety and the living environment.

Peinemann is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 (quality management); ISO 14001 (environmental management) and VCA (*)(**)(P). We have a multi-site certificate for the ISO and VCA standards, which means that all our legal entities are covered by a collective certification scheme.

Our certificates

Peinemann Mobilift Groep B.V. PDF
ISO 9001 20210921—iso-9001-2015nl—mobiliftgroep.PDF
ISO 14001 ISO 14001 PMG
IRN 100 #84 84peinemannirn100-2019-20.pdf
VCA (*) 84peinemannirn100-2019-20.pdf
VCA Petrochemie 84peinemannirn100-2019-20.pdf
Peinemann Kranen B.V. PDF
ISO 9001 20210921—iso-9001-2015nl—kranen.PDF
ISO 14001 20230303—14001-2015—nl—peinemann-mobilidt-group1583306761.pdf
VCA Petrochemie 2021-09-14-vca-p-kranen-bv—nl.pdf
VVT 2020-12-31—vvt-certificaat.pdf
Peinemann Heftrucks B.V. PDF
ISO 9001 20210921—iso-9001-2015nl—heftrucks—hoogvliet.PDF
ISO 14001 20230303—14001-2015—nl—peinemann-mobilidt-group1583306761.pdf
BMWT heftrucks-bmwt.pdf
VCA (*) Peinemann Amsterdam vca-peinemann-heftrucks_1578901692.pdf
VCA (*) Peinemann Veendam vca-peinemann-heftrucks_1578901692.pdf
VCA (Petrochemie) Peinemann Hoogvliet vca-peinemann-heftrucks_1578901692.pdf
Peinemann Hoogwerksystemen B.V. PDF
ISO 9001 20210921—iso-9001-2015nl—hoogwerksystemen—hoogvliet.pdf
ISO 14001 20230303—14001-2015—nl—peinemann-mobilidt-group1583306761.pdf
VCA (*) vca-02102021—peinemann-hoogwerksystemen.pdf
Peinemann Container Handling B.V. PDF
VCA (*) vca-02102021—peinemann-container-handling.pdf
Peinemann Project Logistiek B.V. PDF
VCA (*) vca-02102021—peinemann-container-handling.pdf
Peinemann Port Services B.V. PDF
ISO 9001 20210921—iso-9001-2015—nl—peinemann-port-services-b.pdf
ISO 14001 20230303—14001-2015—nl—peinemann-mobilidt-group1583306761.pdf
VCA (*) vca-02102021—peinemann-port-services.pdf
Spijkstaal International B.V. PDF
ISO 9001 20210921—iso-9001-2015—spijkstaal-international—nl-rotterdam.pdf
ISO 14001 20230303—14001-2015—nl—peinemann-mobilidt-group1583306761.pdf