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Truck-mounted platforms

The best truck-mounted platforms for your project.

  • Manned rental only

  • From 46 to 90 metres working height

  • Always tailor-made advice from specialists

Contact us for advice and availability.

Achieve great working heights with our truck-mounted platforms

These special aerial platforms are available in two versions. When you rent the VMB type, we will deliver it on location, including the operator.

Due to the compact design, flexibility with jib and extended working height of up to 100 metres, this is a better alternative than a crane with a passenger bucket. The truck aerial platforms have a spacious platform with a high work platform capacity and a lot of stability.

We have the following truck-mounted platforms (including specifications*) available for rental:

Tailor-made advice

A shortage of skilled workers, rising costs of building materials and stricter regulations regarding sustainability: logistical challenges within construction, industry, port and warehousing are a daily occurrence. We are happy to think along with you on how you can solve your logistical challenge. We are your logistics service partner.

We have our own technical advice team that provides you with tailor-made advice. Ranging from engineering challenges to setting up complete lifting plans. But you can also about making logistics processes more sustainable or starting with the electrification of equipment.


Truck-mounted platforms (including operator):

Type Working height  (m) Outreach (m) Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) Specs
460¬†VMB 46,00 24,30 120-280-600 17.945 peinemann-type-460-vmb—bronto-skylift-s-46-xdts-2020.pdf
610 VMB 61,00 35,00 120-280-600 31.884 peinemann-type-460-vmb—bronto-skylift-s-46-xdts-2020.pdf
750 VMB 75,00 41,00 600 37.000 ruthmannt750hfautohoogwerkerpeinemann_1593079623.pdf
900 VMB 90,00 32,00 600 47.850 peinemann-type-900-vmb—bronto-skylift-s-90-hla-2020.pdf

Truck-mounted platforms (driving license cat. B):

Type Working height (m) Outreach (m) Capacity (kg) Specs
134 TJVB 13,40 7,30 / 8,20 120-200 peinemann-type-134-tjvb—v4—p117_1537955886.pdf
200 KTV 20,00 9,10 230 peinemann-type-200-ktv—v4—p118_1537955955.pdf
210 TV 21,00 12,00 80-200 peinemann type 210
250 TV 24,80 15,00 80-120-200 Peinemann type 250 TV – V4 – P120
260 TV 25,60 12,90 / 17,50 100-230 peinemann-type-260-tv—v4—p121_1537955995.pdf
270 TV 27,00 17,00 100-230 peinemann-type-270-tv-specsheet.pdf
290 TV 28,60 16,20 100-200-230 peinemann-type-290-tv-specsheet.pdf

B = Bus model | J = Jib | K = Articulated arm |T = Telescope | V = Truck


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Are you looking for a different machine type? Please contact us!

Specifications may vary due to changes in production and optional parts. Mentioned sizes, weights and load capacity are intended as an indication. Peinemann Hoogwerksystemen cannot be held liable as a result of deviating data.