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Indoor tractors

Rental, sales and maintenance of electric tractors

  • Range from 1 to 150 tons pulling force

  • Made of steel for long life

  • Low total cost of ownership due to low maintenance

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MODERN electric indoor tow tractors


Electric indoor tow tractors are specially designed to ease physical work. They offer a solution for branches where there is a lot of walking with carts. Research shows that using a tractor over short distances is more efficient and less tiring. Besides the fact that the productivity of the employees will increase, sick leave will decrease, because there are no more heavy carts to be pulled or pushed.


The tractors with AC- three-phase current technology are not inferior in performance to tractors with an internal combustion engine. Our rental fleet includes several types of equipment with batteries and combined loaders. You can also use our battery management system. That includes complete outsourcing, full of monthly reporting and advice.


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