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Diesel and LPG forklifts

We offer diesel and LPG forklifts that are strong, comfortable and reliable.

  • Short and long-term rental solutions

  • Wide range of new and used forklifts

  • Capacity range from 1.5 to 45 tons to meet all your lifting needs

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Ideal for any lift: flexible diesel and LPG forklifts

Our diesel and LPG forklifts are perfect for handling the flow of materials outside. Offering a wide range of lifting capacities, from 1.5 to 45 tons, providing flexibility for various tasks. Plus, they meet the latest Stage 5 emission standards for eco-friendly operation.

Fuel-powered forklifts

Capacity Drive
1,500 kg Diesel / LPG Request quote
3,000 kg Diesel / LPG Request quote
4,000 kg Diesel / LPG Request quote
5,000 kg Diesel / LPG Request quote
7,000 kg Diesel / LPG Request quote
10,000 kg Diesel Request quote
16,000 kg Diesel Request quote
25,000 kg Diesel Request quote
Tot 42,000 kg Diesel Request quote


Capacity Version
1,600-2,000 kg 3-wiel Request quote
2,000-16,000 kg 4-wiel Request quote


Our projects

Tailor-made advice

In the face of skilled labour shortages, escalating material costs, and increasingly stringent sustainability regulations, logistical hurdles in construction, industry, ports, and warehousing are ever-present. We’re here to collaborate with you in overcoming these challenges.

As your trusted logistics service partner, we offer tailored advice to address your specific needs. From tackling engineering complexities to devising comprehensive lifting strategies, our in-house technical team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Whether you’re considering sustainable logistics practices or transitioning to electrified equipment, we’ve got you covered.