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Rough terrain forklifts

The best rough terrain forklifts for your projects.

  • Rent or purchase

  • Lifting capacity up to 5 tons

  • Various types of attachments possible

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Multifunctional usage with our rough terrain forklifts

We rent rough terrain forklifts with a diesel engine and a lifting capacity of up to 5 tons. These trucks are suitable for work in construction, industry and events and are known for their multifunctional use.

Below is an overview of the rough terrain forklifts that we have available.


Type Work height (m) Lifting capacity (kg) Specs
25 RHT 3.70 2,500 peinemann-type-25-rht—v4—p133.pdf
30 RHT 5.50 3,000 peinemann-type-30-rht—v4—p134.pdf
30 RHTG 5.50 3,000 peinemann-type-30-rhtg—v4—p135.pdf
50 RHT 5.50 5,000 peinemann-type-50-rht—v4—p136.pdf
50 RHTG 5.50 5,000 peinemann-type-50-rht—v4—p136.pdf

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