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A bond of trust built over 24 years

“A customised technical solution for every project” is their motto, and Alfa Tech has been living by it since 1994. This family business specialises in technical solutions for engineering and manufacturing, including asphalt plants, conveyor belt installations, and ship loaders. Despite being a small team of 12, they serve many major clients. “Our customers are all major contractors in the Netherlands, such as AsfaltNu, BAM, KWS, Van Gelder, Boskalis, and Dura Vermeer,” says Wilco Winters, manager of Alfa Tech in Neede. “In fact, we handle about half of all the asphalt plants in the Netherlands.”

“We have already built all the machine components that make up an asphalt plant. When a plant needs an upgrade or wants to increase its recycling capacity, we provide a solution. We’re more flexible than the standard suppliers. We sell, build, configure, install, and assemble everything on-site.


Our close collaboration with our neighbours, Metaalbedrijf Diepenmaat, which specialises in heavy frames, tank and equipment construction, and machine parts, and Machinefabriek Diepenmaat, which specialises in large turning and milling work, makes this possible. When you buy from a standard supplier, you have to handle the implementation yourself. We offer the complete project, which takes at least a year from start to finish.


For instance, a standard plant located in a 20 by 20-meter building that’s 45 meters high typically contains two dryers for making regular asphalt. If that plant wants to use more recycled asphalt, a typical supplier might suggest buying a larger plant. Not us. We integrate larger machines into existing installations.


For 24 years, we’ve partnered with van Harten, part of Peinemann, in the engineering and manufacturing of asphalt plants. Alfa Tech oversees the project, while Peinemann not only supplies equipment like forklift trucks, aerial platforms, and cranes but also handles the assembly work. I know what a crane can do, for example, but don’t ask me which crane I need. The professionals at Peinemann take care of that for us.”

“Sometimes, we need to remove the roof or part of a side wall to accommodate the project. There’s a lot of disassembly involved, but even more assembly. Peinemann coordinates everything and visits the site every week or two to check the project’s progress. If something doesn’t fit, we discuss it and come up with a new plan.


We work so closely together that we have complete trust in each other. We review the project needs, get Peinemann involved, and get the job done. We always fulfill our commitments, and we’ve been doing that for 24 years.”


Could you benefit from Peinemann’s help and expertise? Contact Bart van Zaalen on +31 3 18 52 88 63.

"The great strength of our collaboration with Peinemann, I believe, lies in the common ground of being a family business and a shared passion for the profession. There is a strong sense of loyalty and reliability."

Wilco Winters

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