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Work sustainably, efficiently and safely.

  • Work with real-life machines

  • IPAF approved training center

  • Theory available in various languages

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Learn to work smart and efficiently

At Peinemann Training Center, expertise in forklift operation is central. Theoretical knowledge and practical experience are crucial, which is why we offer thorough forklift training. We go beyond just basic knowledge. In addition to theory, we emphasize daily checks, risk assessment and practical application. Thanks to our experienced instructors, trainees can count on customized training tailored to the type of forklift they use. For specific sectors, such as petrochemicals, we also offer an SOG exam according to SSVV guidelines. Safety and quality are our top priorities.

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During this one-day training we cover:

  • Health and safety legislation and legal provisions
  • Practical instruction and warnings
  • Specific machine features
  • Load diagrams
  • Picking up, transporting and putting away loads
  • Daily check before commissioning and pre-commissioning inspection
  • Dangerous incidents


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Forklift training lasts one day and ends with both a theory and practical exam. Upon successful completion, the participant receives a forklift certificate that is valid for 5 years and meets the safety requirements of insurers and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. No specific prior training is required, but participants must have a valid B driver’s license.

Professional drivers can obtain 7 hours of Code 95. Training is sometimes in English and SOG Forklift training requires a VCA certificate.


  • Forklift Training (up to 16 tons)
  • Basic course € 260
  • Forklift Training (16-32 ton)
  • Basic € 400,-
  • Forklift Truck Training SOG. € 425,-
  • Forklift Truck Training (Spreader Container Handling) € 450,-
  • Forklift Truck Complete (Forklift truck (incl 16 to 32 T) / reach truck) € 799,-
  • Forklift / reach truck combi training. € 475,-
  • Electric Pallet Truck Training. € 175,-If you want to follow the training in another language than Dutch, there is a surcharge of € 50,- per training (if available).Prices are excluding 21% VAT.

    *Many of our courses are also offered as e-Learning. The theory is then done online and only the practical part (if applicable) is done on location. You choose in the calendar the day that you want to do your practice.