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Independent respiratory protection

Just the air quality you're used to.

  • Work with materials from practice

  • IPAF approved training center

  • Theory available in various languages

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Be mindful of yourself and others

The Independent Respiratory Protection training is essential for individuals operating in environments with contaminated air. Delivered by Peinemann Training Center, this course prioritises the safe use of breathing apparatus and air net systems, alongside risk mitigation strategies when handling hazardous substances. Led by experienced instructors in a professional setting, the comprehensive two-day foundation course imparts both theoretical understanding and practical competencies.


Designed for both newcomers to respiratory protection and individuals seeking certification renewal, a shorter one-day refresher course is available. Moreover, participants have the opportunity to enrich their training with an SOG examination, endorsed by the Stichting Samenwerken Voor Veiligheid (SSVV).

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In our programme, we include both theory and practical components, addressing the following areas:


  • Overview of respiratory protection
  • Utilisation of self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Hose apparatus techniques
  • Selection criteria for respiratory protection devices
  • Maintenance and control procedures
  • Understanding fire and explosion hazards
  • Identification of asphyxiation and poisoning risks
  • Consideration of moving parts
  • Organisation and personnel responsibilities
  • Legal liabilities and work permits
  • Compliance with construction regulations, including confined spaces and manholes
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE), hygiene protocols, and respirator usage



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Teaching Practice:

  • Safe handling and connection of equipment
  • Diverse practical exercises
  • Instruction on operating compressed air equipment
  • Use of both dependent and independent breathing protection systems
  • Assembly and disassembly of valves
  • Training for emergency scenarios


The Independent Breathing Protection training is conducted over one day, and the resulting certificate remains valid for three years. While no specific prior education is necessary, participants must possess a valid VCA certificate, be at least 18 years old, and have proficiency in the Dutch language.

Additionally, a valid medical examination for compressed air is mandatory, and individuals must ensure removal of facial hair to ensure proper sealing of the respiratory protection.


Basic Independent Breathing Protection (SOG) training is priced at €425. An additional fee of €50 applies for participants opting for training in a language other than Dutch.

Please note that all prices quoted are exclusive of 21% VAT.