Smart indexing

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Upgrade your tube cleaning to Smart Indexing. Control your Pneumatic Tool of choice with The Lunchbox, the first Universal Wireless Command Surface controled via touch-screen tablet.

Industry-leading technology allows you to automatically navigate during tube bundle cleaning with a single click of a button. 

Smart Indexer Hub’s light-weight design (15 lbs.) offers portability and transport by a single operator. it’s “plug and play” approach allows wireless control of the Flex Frame Indexer making the use of the remote unnecessary.

  • Protect hands and still control tablet with industrial gloves made with conductive material.
  • Chest drop-down support of tablet offers mobility to end-user and easy access to a secured tablet.
  • Choose the optional ATEX Zone 2 tablet by Samsung as an additional feature.

Features Lunchbox

  • All controls operated by tablet.
  • No need for additional remote control.
  • Can save records of the bundle and print out information.
  • Auto index functionalities.
  • Speed control of lances in and out.
  • Dump Valve control.
  • On tablet speed and air dump control.
  • Can also be used for other Pneumatic Devices such as 3TLE or lancing machines.
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